About Us

Valued and trusted
for over 50 years.

We built our reputation by providing exceptional service. We simplify the complex to help you make the right decisions while ensuring the best value.

Unparalleled personalized service.

We pride ourselves on providing you with outstanding service. Martin J. Wolff founded our company 50 years ago, motivated by an innate belief in doing what’s right for clients. The right way or not at all. That same principle holds true today.

With a goal of serving clients better than anyone else, Martin J. Wolff has built a company that provides the best service, at the right time, for the right value.


Marty shares his knowledge and expertise with customers and peers alike. He’s made sure his staff are highly trained. Recognized as an insurance industry expert, he has served on two advisory committees providing advice to the California Insurance Commission.

Meet Marty

As a valued client, you can expect:

  • Superior service and personalized attention
  • To build a trusted relationship with us, for you and your employees

We will provide you with:

  • Highly trained professionals who know the industry
  • Guidance to help you make the best decisions
  • The best coverage for the best value
  • Creative, innovative, cost­ effective solutions

Our Mission – Unparalleled personalized service. We build lasting relationships with our customers, primarily through referrals. You deserve a company with a reputation for delivering exceptional, courteous service. You can expect great coverage at a fair price.

Our Philosophy – We believe in doing more. Protecting and preserving your assets means more than issuing a policy. We take time to really understand your insurance needs. We offer sound, timely advice. We help you choose the very best plan for you and your company. We offer you the right insurance protection for the best value. The right way or not at all.

Our Promise – We have your back. We’re committed to you and your company. You’ll get thorough, well­ researched assistance by highly trained professionals. Every time. We promise courteous, personalized service. Always. Our service doesn’t stop. If the market presents a better opportunity, or saves you money, we’ll let you know.